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Year-Round Clermont Lawn Care That You Can Trust!

Clermont, Florida, also known as “The Choice Of Champions,” has an international reputation amongst triathletes, cyclists, and runners as a famous training ground.

Whether you enjoy visiting the farmer’s market, running the Loop, or sampling the food trucks, Clermont is a fantastic place to raise your family or grow your business.

Having been named the Best Central Florida City To Live in, a worn-out, unhealthy lawn doesn’t match the Clermont, Florida aesthetic. You want your entire lawn to look great throughout the year, and that’s why we offer the most common lawn care services for Clermont homeowners like:

Luckily, the experts at LawnWorx built an excellent company that provides Clermont homes and businesses with lawn and landscaping maintenance, as well as pest control services for over 20 years.

Clermont residents and business owners call LawnWorx their lawn’s best friend for a reason. Since we started our family-owned and operated small business in 1995, we have offered affordable lawn maintenance with a satisfaction guarantee to Clermont, Apopka, Groveland, Minneola, and the greater Central Florida area.

Professional Lawn Care

Avoid the hassle of lawn care. Let our experienced team of lawn care specialists help make your home look amazing! Call our team today at 407-854-8580

LawnWorx Lawn Service For The Best Lawn In Clermont

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With an above-average count of 236 sunny days a year, Clermont homeowners spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether they visit Florida’s largest premium vineyard or participate in one of the many outdoor activities, lawn care needs do not rank high on homeowners’ weekend plans.

LawnWorx offers comprehensive lawn care services to Oviedo homeowners, as well as the greater Orlando area, so you never have to worry about how your lawn looks.

When it comes to expert lawn maintenance, you can count on our variety or high-quality landscaping services:

Let the landscaping experts at LawnWorx handle the mulch, the lawn mowing, the tedious yard work, and the landscaping design that will make your home the most attractive on the street.

Pest Control Clermont, FL

Clermont lawns see an above-average yearly rainfall of nearly 52 inches. When combined with humidity, this means that your Clermont lawn could be a breeding ground for unwanted pests. Mosquitoes, fire ants, and roaches are not only annoying but could carry dangerous diseases.

No matter where your home or business is, LawnWorx has your back when it comes to pest control. Our expert technicians

  • Indoor Pest Control: The hot, humid weather of Clermont takes a toll on its historic homes, which could lead to moisture issues that attract indoor pests into your beautiful Clermont home. LawnWorx will find the nests of the pest and remove them from your property.
  • Perimeter Pest Control: The first line of defense, our year-round perimeter pest control services prevent pests from invading your home.
  • Mosquito Control: Any Clermont homeowner knows that mosquitos are often the uninvited guest at any outdoor gathering.
  • Fire Ant Control: Did you know that fire ants build a complex network around your home? Trust the pest control experts at LawnWorx to pinpoint their nests and remove them from your property.

Professional Lawn Care Done Right!

You work hard to keep your home looking great- why not do the same for your lawn with our professional lawn care services? Call our team today at 407-854-8580

Clermont Lawn Care Is More Than Just Mowing

The health and beauty of your lawn depend on a lot more than just a bi-weekly mow, occasional fertilization, and turning on a sprinkler. The lawn care experts at LawnWorx know what it takes to make your Central Florida lawn the envy of your neighbors.

When you call us for landscape maintenance, we offer free consultations to develop a customized landscaping plan that will suit all aspects of your lawn. When a LawnWorx landscaper arrives, you can expect quality services and an excellent job:

  • Step 1: Lawn Health Analysis: Your landscaping expert will come to your home to tour the property, discuss the lawn’s needs with the homeowner, and deliver a full analysis of your unique lawn needs.
  • Step Two: Custom Lawn Care Treatment: Once we know what yard work needs to be done, our lawn care professionals will create a comprehensive, customized landscaping service plan.
  • Step 3: Ongoing Lawn Service: Our lawn technicians will visit every 6-8 weeks to care for your lawn and summarize all services provided.

Are you interested in taking the next step to elevate the curb appeal of your home? Give LawnWorx a call today at (407) 854-8580 or fill out our online form for more information on our affordable pricing and quality landscape services.

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Clermont Lawn Care FAQs

What height should I cut my lawn?
Our technicians will test the composition of your soil, the risks of pests, and determine the type of grass in your lawn.
Why does my lawn have brown, dead-looking patches?
Brown patches often indicate the presence of fungus or disease. They will need to be thoroughly removed to prevent spreading.
How long does pest control last?
Severe infestations may require monthly or bi-weekly treatments to ensure the pests are completely removed.

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