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Core Aeration Lawn Services For Central Florida Homes

Central Florida’s climate takes a toll on your yard. If you want an eye-catching and healthy lawn, then your soil needs to get plenty of oxygen and other nutrients that promote growth.

Fertilizing, overseeding, and mowing may be on your radar, but have you considered professional core aeration? Aeration is one of the best ways for homeowners to keep their lawn thick and healthy.

Lawn aeration is similar to a farmer plowing their field: aerating your lawn breaks up lawn thatch, or dead grass build-up, to make sure all the needed nutrients reach your grass root system.

Aeration needs to be done at least once a year to combat thatch buildup and soil compaction, which strangles your lawn’s root zone and creates slightly dead patches on your lawn.

Do You Want A Thick & Healthy Lawn?

Lawn aeration can get your lawn looking healthy & beautiful. Save time and money with our local lawn aeration services. Call our team today at 407-854-8580.

LawnWorx offers professional aeration services as part of our trusted lawn care services, such as:

LawnWorx lawn care technicians have the knowledge, experience, and training you need to keep your lawn looking great throughout the year.

The LawnWorx team knows how to identify problem areas and stop them with core aeration before they turn into a big issue for your family.

Aerating Your Lawn Keeps Your Grass Healthy All Year

Because of the humid climate and frequent rainy weather, Central Florida lawns have a high risk of waterlogged soil. An overwatered lawn causes grass roots to drown.

If your soil and the roots of your grass can’t breathe properly, your precious lawn will thin out and become more susceptible to diseases.

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You should work with a lawn aeration company to h prevent overwatering and ensures that your lawn’s soil gets the nutrients it needs.

Here are just a few of the proven benefits of core aeration lawn care:

  • Encourages New Root Growth: Your lawn needs to grow new grass to fill in dying blades. Our lawn aeration services help facilitate root growth year-round.
  • Healthier Grass: Core aeration tills the soils with small holes and circulates nutrients around the roots of your grass. This not only prevents disease and rot but also helps keep your grass lush and healthy throughout the year.
  • Improved Fertilization: Lawn fertilization is a vital part of a healthy lawn in Central Florida. Core lawn aeration helps fertilizer reach the roots and soil of your grass.
  • More Efficient Watering: Since core aeration breaks up the soil, less water is needed to keep your lawn looking green and lush. Lawn aeration loosens the soil, so water can penetrate down to the roots quickly and easily.
  • Improve Resistance: A thick healthy lawn is the best defense against invading insects and diseases. Core aeration will keep your lawn healthy against insects, drought, and lawn diseases.

Aeration is a crucial part of a healthy and beautiful lawn, but the process of core aerification can be long and tedious. Be sure to enlist an experienced lawn aeration company to help you keep your grass healthy throughout the year!

When Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Central Florida homeowners often expect the bulk of their lawn care maintenance to occur in spring and fall since they often mark the start and end of the growing season

Core aeration, however, is a process that needs to take place at a specific time in the growing cycle to reap the most benefits. It also causes stress that your lawn will need time to recover from, so it’s vital to choose the correct time frame in which you have your lawn aerated.

Depending on the type of grass present on your lawn, you will need to identify the best time to have professional lawn aeration done.

Warm-Season Grasses

With Central Florida’s warm and sunny weather, warm-season grasses are by far the most popular choice for Florida lawns. St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass, and Bahiagrass are the most common types, as they are best suited to the warm, humid climate.

Homeowners will want to aerate their warm-season grass lawns around the height of the growing season, which for Central Florida is early summer.

At this point, your grass is growing the most rapidly and runs the most risk for thatch layer and compacted soil.

Cool-Season Grasses

While cool-season grasses are not a popular choice in Central Florida, they are present in this area. Perennial Ryegrass and Tall Fescue are two examples of cool season grasses that can be found in some parts of Florida that have clay soil.

Cool-season grasses should be aerated after early spring or once they have greened up for the season.

No matter what type of grass you have, be sure to trust a professional overseed your lawn close to its dormant season, usually late fall,  to ensure healthy growth for the following year.

Do You Want A Thick & Healthy Lawn?

Lawn aeration can get your lawn looking healthy & beautiful. Save time and money with our local lawn aeration services. Call our team today at 407-854-8580.

The Hazards Of Over-Aerating: Why You Should Trust A Lawn Care Company To Aerate Your Lawn

While many homeowners are capable of handling basic lawn maintenance like mowing, you should leave core aeration to the pros. Even though core aeration is a good thing, too much of it can cause major, permanent damage to your precious lawn.

Here are just some of the hazards of improper core aeration:

  • Damaged grass roots
  • Lack of expensive, specialized equipment, like a lawn aerator
  • Blocks access points for root absorption of air and nutrients
  • Corrupts your soil
  • Invites weeds, like crabgrass, to take over

Aeration may seem simple enough, but a professional lawn care service with years of experience in Central Florida is the best bet for proper lawn aeration. Experts can recommend the best type of aeration, such as core aeration, for your property.

Get A Healthier Lawn With Lawn Care And Core Aeration Services From LawnWorx

At LawnWorx, we are passionate about the health of your family and landscaping all year round. We want you to enjoy all that Central Florida has to offer without worrying about the lawn care maintenance on your to-do list.

Our lawn care experts will come to your home to evaluate your needs and provide you with a custom-tailored lawn care plan. If needed, we will recommend core aeration lawn care services to help your lawn look its best all year!

Call us today at (407) 854-8580 or fill out this form for more information on our lawn aeration services.

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Lawn Aeration Services FAQs

What Is Aeration Good For?
Aeration is a lawn maintenance technique that penetrates the soil with thousands of small holes. These holes break up thatch to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the grassroots. 
How Often Should I Aerate My Lawn?
In general, you should aerate your lawn once or twice a year, depending on the type of grass you have in your yard. The frequency of aeration will also depend on the density of your grass, your lawn’s health, and other factors. 
Is Aerating My Lawn Worth It?
Absolutely! Core aeration lawn care is one of the best ways to keep your lawn looking healthy and lush throughout the year. Lawn aeration creates holes in the soil so nutrients, air, and water can reach the grassroots to prevent lawn diseases and other unwanted effects. .