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Professional Fertilizing Services For An Exceptional Lawn

Florida lawns need fertilizing services to stay healthy throughout the year. Central Florida’s soils are often sandy, and due to the rainy conditions, our soil lacks essential nutrients to keep your lawn looking and feeling its best.

As a Central Florida homeowner, you already know that a healthy and beautiful lawn helps your home and family in various ways. Not only does a lush and full lawn make your home look beautiful throughout the year, but it also provides a safe area for you to play and relax with your family with trusted lawn care services like:

Lawns that don’t get proper fertilization can get overrun by weeds and invasive grasses. These can scratch up your feet, and weeds are the perfect breeding ground for harmful insects and rodents.

This means that professional lawn fertilizer services along with lawn aeration services will keep your lawn looking great while defending your family from harmful bugs and other threats!

Trusted Lawn Fertilization Services

Our custom lawn fertilization treatments will keep your lawn green and healthy throughout the year. Call our team today at 407-854-8580

Central Florida’s Preferred Lawn Fertilizer Services

Due to the tropical conditions of Central Florida, many homeowners in Orlando and surrounding areas experience some form of the disease on their lawn. From rust, brown spots, and even root rot, fungal diseases are continually trying to take over your yard’s grass.

Lawn disease is no joking matter, and if you want the best yard to host friends and relax with your family, you need to keep your yard as healthy as possible. A few of the most common types of yard disease in Central Florida include:

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  • Dollar Spot Fungus: This type of fungus can spread quickly, and it kills your yard’s grass at the root. Fertilization services can help prevent the spread of dollar spot fungus, and once it takes to hold, the only solution is to use professional lawn care services to plug the area with new sod.
  • Fairy Ring Fungus: Fairy rings are visible circles in your yard that spread along with your grass’s roots. As this fungus grows, it leaches nitrogen from your grass, and over time the lack of nutrients can lead to other lawn diseases or problems. Fertilizing services restore your yard to normal and prevent the spread of fairy ring fungus.
  • Rust Fungus: Does your lawn have an orange color to it? This fungus looks like an orange powder spread across your lawn, and while it’s not visually appealing, it also leaves your yard vulnerable to a host of other diseases. This fungus typically appears in shaded areas or the result of overwatering.
  • Gray Leaf Spot: Gray leaf spot causes your grass to develop brown spots that tend to have velvety patches. This lawn disease’s primary cause is overwatering, and without professional fertilization and lawn care treatments, your grass can become thin and patchy.
  • Brown Patch Fungus: The most popular types of grass in Central Florida are St. Augustine and Zoysia grass, and both are susceptible to brown patch fungus. This fungus chokes grass at the root, and it generates lots of heat and moisture. This makes brown patch fungus especially lethal to Central Florida yards because it creates an environment to grow more fungus if not controlled right away.

Regular lawn maintenance is a vital part of owning a home in Central Florida. However, you may need to call a lawn fertilizer company to tackle challenging yard care problems and keep your family safe and healthy throughout the year.

Are You Proud Of Your Lawn?

Keeping a healthy lawn in Central Florida is tough. Give your yard the edge it needs with our trusted lawn fertilization services! Call our team today at 407-854-8580

Benefits Of Lawn Fertilization Services

A healthy and beautiful lawn is the gold standard for all Central Florida homeowners. Whether you own a home in Oviedo or Kissimmee, you want a gorgeous lawn that will make your neighbors jealous and make your home look as good as it can.

Not only does a healthy lawn look great year-round, but a lush green lawn also makes for the perfect location to host parties and spend time with the family. Instead of spending time fertilizing your yard, you could have our technicians do the hard work for you! We create a unique blend of professional lawn fertilizer based on your lawn’s specific needs.

  • Better Results: Our lawn fertilizer services are performed by a team of lawn technicians who have years of experience helping Central Florida homeowners just like you. We use professional lawn fertilizer to provide dense and beautiful grass.
  • Perfect Lawn Year-Round: Your yard is a living plant, so you need to apply different fertilizers to different spots of your lawn depending on a host of variables. Our fertilizer services are guided by proper diagnosis and applications.
  • Save Time: You have a lot to handle around your home, but struggling with lawn fertilization should not be a chore that you have to struggle with. Our lawn fertilization company will take care of the work so you can relax and enjoy your free time!
  • Improved Safety: Lawn fertilization technicians are trained to your grass get the fertilization and nutrients it needs. We use cutting-edge materials, and our fertilization services ensure proper application each time!
  • Lower Temperature: A well-maintained lawn and fertilized grass can reduce the temperature of the area by 50% through the process of transpiration. Your lawn technician will explain more about this and many other benefits of lawn fertilizer services!

Central Florida homes deserve a green and lush lawn whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall. Many times watering and cutting your grass is not enough, and you need the help of lawn fertilization services to keep your lawn looking and feeling great year-round!

Choose LawnWorx For Your Lawn Fertilizer Needs!

Your Florida Lawn is under constant stress, trying to survive in an often-hostile environment that includes heat, humidity, weeds, poor water retention, invading insects, fungus, and other pathogens, just to name a few. As a result, caring for your lawn is a year-round task.

At LawnWorx, we have access to a wide variety of nutritional products, both Liquid and Granular, depending on the best results for your lawn because not all lawns are the same. This customized approach is just one of the areas that help set us apart from our competition.

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Lawn Fertilization Services FAQ

Are Lawn Fertilizer Services Worth It?
Absolutely! Professional lawn fertilization services reduce the time and energy to keep your lawn looking beautiful. The cost to hire a lawn fertilization company is often comparable to the cost of buying your lawn fertilizer and the time you’d spend maintaining your lawn.
How Many Times A Year Should I Fertilize My Lawn?
Most Central Florida homes only need to have their yard fertilized two times a year. Different types of lawns need to be fertilized at different times throughout the year, depending on climate, type of grass, and other factors. 
When Is The Best Time To Fertilize My Lawn?
The exact time to fertilize your yard will vary, but in general, the best times to fertilize grass in Central Florida is in the fall and spring. Applying nitrogen fertilizer when the grass is dormant is a great way to grow a thick, lush yard!