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LawnWorx has been providing Central Florida homeowners with expert insect and disease control solutions since 2005.

Our pest control experts have the experience, knowledge, and equipment you need to address common pest and insect problems throughout your entire home and yard. Here are the most common types of bugs and pests that can harm your home and yard.

Some of our most popular lawn care services include:

You may also need some of our most popular pest control services to keep your home and family safe:

Chinch Bugs

Grass damaged by chinch bugs turns yellow and then straw-colored when it dies off completely. Very often Chinch bugs develop in areas that become dry. Inadequate soil moisture puts the grass under stress and thus makes it more susceptible for them to feed and build up to a damaging population.

Alternatively, a well-watered lawn makes it difficult for the Chinch bugs to feed on. Unfortunately, chinch bug damage will not recover even if you water it consistently after the chinch bug damage has occurred.

Chinch bugs will literally suffocate a lawn by blocking water and food from getting to the plant. You’ll see the damage most commonly between June and September.

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Sod Webworms

The first sign of sod webworm damage is often observed by differences in grass height in areas where larvae are feeding. These worms feed on the upper surface of the grass blades, so the injury they cause is easily overlooked.

These webworms curl up and hide in the thatch layer during the day and come out at night to feed. Webworms are only damaging to the turf during the larval stage. The adult stage of this worm is indicative of a small brownish moth and can often be observed flying around the lawn and shrub areas during the summer and fall.

Controlling the moth stage of this pest is nearly impossible but properly timed LawnWorx insect control treatments are effective in controlling them, once they are feeding.


Grubs eat the roots of plants and grasses. If grubs continue to feed on your turf, your turf will decline in large patches. Grub damage can often look like drought conditions because as the roots get eaten they are no longer able to provide moisture to the grass.

You can also tell if your lawn is infested with grubs by walking on it. A grub-infested lawn can feel spongy under your feet because the larvae like to tunnel under the surface.

Florida lawns are also susceptible to several Fungus and Disease infestations.

These infections can cause irregularly shaped areas in your grass, brown patches, discolored grass, and eventually the death of your lawn. Fortunately, these are treatable with the help of our regular lawn care service coupled with proper cultural conditions.

Common Types Of Yard Diseases

Central Florida homeowners need a healthy and beautiful lawn to keep their home value up and family safe from unwanted diseases and insect invaders. Due to the warm weather in the area, Central Florida lawns have a 12-month growing season.

While other parts of the U.S. have cold months where lawns don’t grow, Central Florida homeowners need to be diligent about their lawn care throughout the year. The complexities involved with lawn maintenance can’t be underestimated, and your lawn requires more than just sun and water to say healthy.

Our longstanding lawn care services will keep your lawn looking its best and prevent common types of diseases from taking over your lawn like:

  • Brown Patch Fungus: St. Augustine and Zoysia grass are most susceptible to brown patch fungus. This yard disease is common in Central Florida and usually develops during the summer and fall seasons.
  • Pythium Blight: This yard disease is common among highly maintained grass and turf types. This highly destructive disease will develop in grassy areas with hot temperatures and humid weather conditions.
  • Take-All Root Rot: Root rot, as the name suggests, is when a fungus attacks the roots of your grass under the soil. This destructive yard disease can attack your yard even if you take excellent care of your landscape.
  • Gray Leaf Spot: If you start to see brown spots around your yard then you are likely a victim of Gray Leaf Spot. This is usually caused by overwatering your lawn, and this can cause your grass to become thin and patchy.
  • Dollar Spot Fungus: Dollar Spot Fungus is a common yard disease in Central Florida, and it will spread quickly across your yard if you don’t address it early on. You can usually see early signs of Dollar Spot Fungus when blades of grass have pale marks of infection and cobwebs.

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