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Take Back Your Yard From Mosquitos!


Take Back Your Backyard With Mosquito Control & Prevention

As a Florida homeowner, you know that mosquitoes easily ruin a perfect outdoor evening with friends and families. Unfortunately, citronella candles alone won’t banish these bloodsuckers from your yard.

LawnWorx offers monthly effective mosquito control services that are perfect for Florida homeowners like you who want to protect their families year-round.

Our professional mosquito control specialists take a hands-on approach to pest control by controlling and preventing mosquitoes from taking over your outdoor living area.

That’s why we stand behind our service with a satisfaction guarantee.

Why Florida Homeowners Need Professional Mosquito Control Services

Even though mosquitoes are most active from March to October, they concern Florida homeowners throughout the year.

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While it’s impossible to eliminate all mosquitoes near your home, you can control mosquitoes and other pests with professional pest treatment services.

Take a look at the reasons Central Florida homeowners enlist professional mosquito control services:

  • Disease Control: Mosquitoes can transmit the Zika virus, West Nile, and other harmful diseases to humans and pets.
  • Bite Prevention: Millions of people endure itchy, painful mosquito bites each year. Many have an allergic reaction to these bites that can cause additional health problems.
  • Nuisance Control: Not only are mosquitos extremely annoying, but their eggs hatch quickly, adding more mosquitoes to your property.
  • Lack of Insecticide Knowledge: Many Florida homeowners are unsure which pesticides are safest. They trust professionals to protect their families and “good” insects while controlling mosquito populations.

Just like other pests, mosquitoes go through seasonal life cycles. LawnWorx offers an 8-step treatment program to address your needs throughout the year.

We apply a safe mosquito mist to foliage, leaves, and other areas where mosquitoes are known to breed. Mosquito control applications last for about a month, so we apply the next treatment before mosquitos have the chance to breed again.

What Causes Mosquito Problems Near Your Home?

Mosquitoes thrive in Florida because our climate provides perfect conditions for mosquitoes to live and breed throughout the year. Central Florida is known for its high humidity, and many homes are located near water that allows mosquitoes to breed quickly and easily.

While it can be annoying as a swarm of mosquitoes bother you during an outdoor event, the real issue with these pests is in their bite! Female mosquitoes bit throughout the skin to suck up the blood they need to reproduce.

This means that controlling the mosquito population around your home is essential to ensure you and your entire family are safe from the diseases that mosquitos transmit.

The LawnWorx team is committed to providing you and your family with the best mosquito control services in Orlando and across Central Florida.

Our technicians provide safe and practical solutions to keep your family or office comfortable, along with the best mosquito control equipment.

Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Now

Talk to our expert mosquito control technicians to keep your yard clear of annoying and dangerous mosquitoes this year. Call our team today at 407-854-8580.

Help Make Your Central Florida Yard Mosquito-Free

At LawnWorx, our team of pest control experts understands mosquito biology and how they behave in the wild. We inspect your property to find locations where mosquitoes will breed and hide throughout the year.

Once found, we treat the locations with the right combination of bug spray, foggers, and other eco-friendly methods to eliminate adult mosquitoes and their larva.

Along with our professional Florida mosquito control and prevention services, you can help control mosquito populations near your home.

In between professional mosquito control applications, you can:

  • Drain Standing Water: Mosquitos love to use standing water as their breeding grounds. Empty kiddie pools, birdbaths, gutters, planters, and dog bowls to prevent mosquito larvae from thriving.
  • Remove Unused Items: Mosquitoes love the hide in shady areas. Keep your yard free of excess debris, like old tires, so mosquitoes can’t find a resting place near your home.
  • Cut Back Trees & Brush: Mosquitoes will live in cool, shaded areas like trees and brushes. Keep your landscaping cut back and clean to prevent unwanted swarms near your home.
  • Use Natural Mosquito Repellents: Plants like lemongrass, marigolds, and basil, as well as essential oils, like lemon eucalyptus and peppermint, repel mosquitoes naturally.
  • Secure Coverings: Similar to trees and brush, you will want to keep all boat coverings and tarps tied tight to prevent mosquito infestations from invading your home.
  • Install A Bug Zapper Or Mosquito Traps: These items attract and kill mosquitos on the spot but can kill good insects and small animals as well.
  • Use Insect Repellent When Outdoors: Repellents with an EPA-approved active ingredient like DEET, picaridin, or permethrin provide short-term protection for adults from mosquito bites.

While you can do minor damage control, mosquitoes cannot be easily eliminated. At LawnWorx, we treat areas like ponds, brush, and dense foliage with a larvicide to prevent eggs from hatching and filling your yard with more mosquitoes.

Call LawnWorx TodayFor Effective Pest Control

Don’t DIY your pest control. Proper mosquito control requires expert knowledge to effectively prevent dangerous side effects like allergic reactions, poisoned pets, and damaging run-off.

Instead of spending hours researching, buying enough insecticide for your yard’s square feet, and continuously applying pest control products to your property, you can trust the leading experts at LawnWorx to keep your yard pest-free and safe.

LawnWorx technicians don’t stop at mosquito control. We offer a variety of effective pest control services, including:

At LawnWorx, we offer a guarantee on all of our pest control services. If you notice pests between applications, don’t worry! Give us a call, and we’ll return at no additional charge.

Contact LawnWorx today to reclaim your yard!

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Mosquito Control F.A.Q.

How Long Does Mosquito Control Treatment Last?
Each treatment will require the use of mosquito bug spray and other control products. Our technicians typically take 15-30 minutes to complete each application. Once applied, the mosquito treatment will last 21-30 days, so you should expect mosquito treatments each month.
Where Do You Apply Mosquito Sprays?
We only treat “hot spots” where mosquitoes are known to breed and live like dense plants, under a deck, and in shady areas. Mosquito control methods are typically applied to these areas to limit exposure to your family and control mosquitoes throughout the year.
Do I Need Mosquito Control Treatment After It Rains?
No, you will not need to have the treatment reapplied if your yard has 30-45 minutes to dry after each visit.