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Why You Need Professional Fire Ant Pest Control Services

Your outdoor living area is an extension of your home. Your yard should be a safe place to host gatherings, bond with your family, and relax after a long day.

It’s easy to notice when mosquitos take over your yard, but fire ants can sneak in underground and form new colonies that spread rapidly into complex tunnel systems.

So when you notice a telltale fire ant mound on your property, it requires immediate attention.

Fire ants, or red imported fire ants, are an invasive species in the state of Florida. Originating in South America, this ant species can quickly take over your yard and pose a considerable threat to your family and pets.

You will need professional pest control services, LawnWorx. Our Central Florida neighbors have trusted us to safeguard their home with our elite services:

You deserve year-long lawn ant control with our family-safe products to kill red ants and prevent other colonies from invading your property.

Fight Back Against Fire Ants!

Fire ants may be nesting in your lawn. These aggressive and territorial ants can hurt your family and pets! Call our team today at 407-854-8580.

Benefits Of LawnWorx Fire Ant Control

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Reddish-brown fire ants are aggressive insects that pose a significant threat to your family and pets. There are likely dozens of fire ant mounds around your home.

Because they do not have the telltale hole at the top of the mound like regular ant hills, they can go unnoticed until an infestation has already taken root.

Fire ants are not native to Central Florida, but they are common in most Florida yards and grassy areas. Fire ants live in colonies, so if you have a fire ant problem, you could be at risk of dozens or even thousands of painful stings if you suffer red ants attack.

Red ant bites are often responsible for emergency room visits because these highly organized pests work together to defend their mounds. Those who wander too close to a nest will suffer numerous fire ant stings in a matter of seconds. These stings can lead to dangerous allergic reactions, pustules, and an excruciating burning sensation.

Additionally, the insecticide needed to control fire ants can be dangerous if applied over a large area. Effective fire ant control requires an expert touch.

Our professional red ant pest control technicians will look at your lawn and provide a customized solution for your family.

Don’t risk incorrect application of store-bought products that could put your family at risk compared to our family-safe red ant products and services.

How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants

LawnWorx offers unmatched customer service and red ant treatment solutions for your home. We use family-safe fire ant control products to eliminate fire ant colonies. We apply the solutions directly to individual mounds to ensure our treatment is effective.

Our Two-Step Method, which is among the best scientifically proven control methods, will make your yard safe again. Take a look at how we use this approach to

Step 1: Placing Bait

The first step in controlling this invasive species is to administer biological control. LawnWorx will place fire ant bait products near each mound using a spreader to ensure it is accessible by the entire colony.

Fire ant bait is solid food that consists of corn grits drenched in pesticides. Worker ants bring the granular fire ant bait into the colony to share with larvae and the queen. Once the queen eats the bait, she either dies or becomes infertile.

Because each fire ant colony only has a single queen, destroying her breeding ability is crucial in controlling fire ant populations and preventing them from making a new mound.

Bait treatment is slow acting and usually takes weeks to months to reach maximum pest control. To quickly solve your fire ant problem, we move directly on to step 2 of this pest management process.

Step 2: Individual Mound Treatments

Once baits are set, LawnWorx will get to work applying liquid drench and granules to active mounds. Because fire ants create a complex series of tunnels, it’s essential to use individual mound treatment to kill fire ants and prevent them from simply moving to a new area of your lawn.

Our effective fire ant killer has active ingredients like pyriproxyfen, hydramethylnon, fipronil, and spinosad.  Our highly-trained technicians will spray the contact insecticides using broadcast applications. Once the treated area is dry, the fire ant killer keeps on working for up to one year.

What Can I Expect From Fire Ant Control Services?

We eliminate fire ants at their source with environmentally friendly and family-safe fire ant control products. Here is an overview of how we help remove the threat of fire ants from your lawn and yard:

  • Inspect: A trained and licensed fire ant treatment specialist will evaluate your home’s lawn to identify tell-tale signs of fire ant infestations.
  • Plan: Your fire ant control technician will offer a customized fire ant treatment package for your home and family, depending on your needs.
  • Attack: Deliver targeted fire ant treatment products around visible mounds to keep red ant attacks away from your family.
  • Maintain: You will be protected with the most advanced fire ant treatment on the market. Our team will come to your home during peak fire ant activity and help keep your family safe throughout the year!

What Can I Expect From Fire Ant Control Services?

LawnWorx has been working with Florida homeowners just like you since 2005. We offer a dual-prong approach to address infestations to areas where mounds are present and a specific soil application of insect control, which has proven to be highly effective.

We guarantee our red ant control for one full year from the initial application date.

Contact us today to determine the cost of this application, which is based on the treatment area’s size.

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Fire Ant Control F.A.Q.

When is the best time to schedule pest control services?
If you don’t have an active infestation, schedule pest control in conjunction with your spring lawn care services
Can pests damage my landscaping?
Yes, insects and pests are some of the most common reasons for landscaping problems
How do you treat fire ant stings?
Apply a cold compress for 15-20 minutes and take an antihistamine to help with swelling and allergic reactions. For severe stings, seek medical attention.